I had a tea party with Ophelia. She wanted to tip over the sugar jar. The bow is nice.

having a chilean rose hair at a tea party should be standard, i love the bow!


Sakurai is everywhere…


Sakurai is everywhere…


i love dragon type moms so much

Aaron:  i had no idea shiny magcargo was pink/purple
Grenze:  Yeah he's HOT pink.
Grenze:  A regular FLAMER.
Aaron:  jesus christ


Boiled eggs are one of those things where I’m always like “alright yeah I’ll have a boiled egg” and then when i actually bit into it I’m like “this was a mistake.”

I’ve never had a boiled egg.


so apparently i got a really rare pokemon uh

a wild caught shiny pokemon with 3 perfect ivs is aparently really hard to find but? i have one

What pokemon?


Ib log2 by どら※Permission to upload was granted by the artist.


Ib log2 bどら
※Permission to upload was granted by the artist.

lol xd

f is friendszoned for lyfe

u is for u and someone other den me

n is for nice guys finish last

*tips le fedora*

im out of thhis popsicle stand babee